What can The DATA DOCTOR do for you?

I came up with the idea of The Data Doctor after leaving the City and finding, while I didn’t miss the commute, I did miss solving problems and helping people with their data. 

I love working with excel: I design practical, easy-to-use spreadsheets that help you understand your business better.

My aim is simple, to work closely, on well-defined projects with small and medium-sized businesses.  Together, we will assess your needs and create a plan to make your data work better for you.  It’s a bespoke, organic process: we’ll often find solutions we didn’t know were there in the first place.

My aim is to be a one-stop shop, offering a customised, one-off solution that won’t require constant monthly intervention. 

In most cases, I will hand over a simple excel spreadsheet that you can use over and over again, with minimal input.  Ultimately, the aim is to save your and your staffs’ valuable time.

Data can be anything: from Profit and Loss accounts, to valuations, to time sheets, to stock takes and a whole host more.  You know what matters to you; I can help you use your data to realize that in a simple summary table or two.

Of course, I can help fix broken or corrupt spreadsheets, but I excel (!) in helping you to think about your data and your business in new ways.

I’ve set this up because I want to help, If I can’t help you myself, I will endeavour to find out who can best meet your needs and point you in that direction.