How can I help your business?

Running costs

I can analyse costs vs income across one or several areas to ascertain what savings could be made along with any changes which can help you to improve both output and profitability.


I can look at time spent on individual tasks to see how efficient this is to your business and whether there are any improvements or changes which can be made to increase productivity.


I can look at data to find out where your business is doing well, as well as where it is not doing as well. We can then find the easiest way for you to see this on as regular-a-basis as you’d like, backdating to look at past performance as well to provide you with over-time statistics.

Understanding Data

Design and layout saves you time. Instead of trawling through to find what you want, you know what you use most, I can put that into a nice easy summary which shows you exactly what you want to see, quickly and easily.

Using Data

For some, data is just paperwork, stored for use in the event of a query. I look to analyse data and provide some positive solutions for putting it to good use, simply and easily.


Double checking data is extremely important, a fresh pair of eyes to look at understanding what data you are trying to look for and why. I check the output from calculations as well as the output from what you are looking to achieve.