Free one hour consultation, remotely, or in person.

This aims to give us a starting point for me to understand your needs and you will be provided with a follow up, written document, detailing my findings and what I feel can be done to best meet your needs, along with an idea as to how long it will take.

Leading to A Full Days Work

If you are happy with what we’ve discussed and would like to proceed, I will offer a full day’s work for £250.

Completion beyond initial scope

If the work cannot be completed during this time, I will provide a final quote for completion of the project.

No Additional Data Charges

If I need to request more data from you in order to complete the project, the time it takes you to obtain that for me will not be charged for, the project quote remains.

Progressive Discount

If you require further work thereafter, I can provide a further quote at that time, which will waiver the initial £250.