Patient and Professional.

Through our business alexandrasafrica.com we engaged with The Data Doctor to assist us with pricing. Although we had struggled with this ourselves for years on complex spreadsheets, we felt there must be a better way. But we were loathe to engage a larger organisation from an 'affordability' and an 'understanding the nuances of our business' perspective.
It is quite different being an SME and we needed a supplier who understood that. Amanda took a considerable amount of time talking to me and understanding the requirement. Always patient, always professional, and worked closely with me so that we stayed aligned on every step. The price we agreed upfront was the price we paid.
Very pleased with the outcome. Certainly a more efficient and robust solution than we would have been capable of building ourselves. Amanda was quite willing to work after hours and at weekend to meet our timelines. Highly recommend.

Alexandra Gillies


Reliable Solutions

I found the Data Doctor to be knowledgeable and reliable.  Amanda was able to find solutions to enable me to query the strength of the data sets I was receiving along with formatting into easy, readable form.

Phillip Warren


Knowledge is power.  

The insight Amanda has given me into what works and what doesn’t work in my business has been invaluable and in some areas, surprising.
As a result, it’s saved my business 3 or 4 days a month and the design of the summary made it very easy to share the output with others in order for them to work with me to help develop specific areas.
I’d describe Amanda as a perfectionist, but she’s no dawdler!

Jeremy Freeman


A Pleasure to work with.

I worked with Amanda at Aviva Investors for over 3 years. During this time I found her to be hardworking, focused, unassuming and an overall pleasure to work with.
She was much liked across the industry and a respected leader within our business.

Justin Onuekwusi

Fund Manager